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Our ethos

We consistently push boundaries to produce equipment of the highest standards required by the world’s most demanding environments. It’s why, worldwide, we are the maritime industry’s first choice in motion control systems.


Naiad Dynamics Total Ride Control

Total Ride Control®

Total Ride Control® is the continuous and simultaneous dampening of multiple ship motions in real time using a variety of control surfaces. Read more
Naiad Dynamics Roll Stabilizer

Hydraulic Stabilizers

NAIAD® Hydraulic Fin Stabilizers are the industry standard for superior performance, quality, reliability and overall value. Read more
Naiad Dynamics Electric Fin Stabilizer

Electric Stabilizers

ND’s Electric Fin Stabilizers combine the proven reliability of the robust NAIAD design, with the convenience of all-electric drive. Read more
Naiad Dynamics AtRest Stabilization


Naiad Dynamics is the world’s first to successfully adapt fin stabilizers to significantly reduce the roll of an anchored vessel. Read more
Naiad Dynamics Bow and Stern Thrusters


ND In-Line Hydraulic Thrusters are compact yet powerful and are available in five sizes and seven power levels. ND Right Angle Thrusters are powered by hydraulic or electric motors and are proven in military, commercial and luxury yacht applications around the world. Read more
Naiad Dynamics VosPower Waterjets


The Vospower Water Jet is a compact, lightweight and powerful propulsion system. Read more
Naiad Dynamics Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Systems

Our Integrated Hydraulic Systems supply power to ND motion control systems, thrusters, and virtually any hydraulically driven marine equipment. Read more


Naiad Dynamics provides a full array of services from the early planning stages of a project, to thru-life support and maintenance.



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maintenance & repair


Naiad Dynamics traces its roots back to the earliest days of automated ship stabilization. View some of the significant events in our history that define who we are today.


the team

The Naiad Dynamics team blends the knowledge of seasoned industry experts with the fresh perspectives of young professionals

“You really can’t go wrong with Naiad. You ask them to stabilize your boat, and they’re able to do it with solid products, friendly service and 25 years later the systems still work.”


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