Luxury Yachts

Our groundbreaking stabilization and multi-axis ship motion control solutions have been designed to deliver maximum comfort for yachts.

Motor Yachts

From our legendary fin stabilizers for AtSpeed® and AtRest® roll control, to the latest advancements in Total Ride Control®, Naiad Dynamics has supplied more motor yachts than any other brand.

New Build

The majority of motion control systems are installed during construction, and we always encourage owners and architects to consult with us during the early planning stages. Our unique expertise and simulation capabilities are invaluable assets for selecting the best possible solution for your vessel.


From control system conversions and AtRest® equipment upgrades, to complete turnkey systems, Naiad Dynamics offers numerous options to refit vessels with a state-of-the-art motion control system.


No other supplier has the depth of experience or range of solutions, including Total Ride Control®, to effectively dampen motions on catamarans, trimarans and other advanced hull forms.


Expedition yachts are built to endure harsh sea conditions, but that doesn’t mean passengers have to endure them as well. ND’s ruggedly built fin stabilizers have been proven reliable in expedition yachts for decades. Naiad Dynamics has also supplied retractable stabilizers suitable for ice-class vessels.


Increasingly beneficial to motor/sailing yachts, Naiad Dynamics motion control while motoring and AtRest delivers the same benefits as a Naiad Dynamics system on a motor yacht. While under sail, the Tack Assist feature automatically positions the fins to counteract heel while tacking.