Naiad Dynamics provides a full array of services from the early planning stages of a project, to thru-life support and maintenance.

Naiad Dynamics Consulting Services


Our sales and applications engineers regularly consult with owners, shipyards and builders about Naiad Dynamics’s full scope of products and services. Whether it’s a new build, or an older vessel with or without motion control, Naiad Dynamics offers complete systems, upgrade refits and control conversions to suit nearly every need and budget.

Naiad Dynamics Motion Simulation

Simulation & Prediction

Naiad Dynamics began conducting motion simulations over 40 years ago with the US Navy Surface Effect Ship Program. Since then, we have developed seakeeping simulation tools for a variety of hull forms and motion control devices. Our proprietary suite of simulation programs have been validated with tank tests and actual data from our industry-leading number of installations, and is the most effective method of determining the best motion control solution.

Naiad Dynamics Engineering Services


Naiad Dynamics Engineering Department is fully staffed with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineers experienced in custom motion control solutions. Using the latest in CAD software, FEA and other engineering tools, Naiad Dynamics routinely designs unique devices, power systems and controls to suit the requirements of each project.

Naiad Dynamics Manufacturing


Naiad Dynamics US, Inc. traces its heritage to 1941 when the company was established as a precision manufacturer for the aerospace industry. That legacy continues to this day with our ISO 9001:2015 certified 30,000 ft.2 manufacturing facility in Shelton, Connecticut.

Naiad Dynamics Installation Services


System installations are designed to be straightforward and well within the skill sets of most shipyards. However, we do have a team of specialists that offer installation services of unsurpassed quality. Their skill and expertise is unequalled in the industry and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Naiad Dynamics Fin Stabilizer Commissioning


Our after-sales support extends through sea trials and final commissioning to assure complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the installation of all system components, and make any necessary adjustments to the equipment and the controls.

Naiad Dynamics Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance and Repair

With thousands of installed systems in operation around the world, ND service engineers and our network of authorized dealers have the experience and know-how to keep your Naiad Dynamics equipment in top working condition. Naiad Dynamics is the ONLY source for original factory parts for Naiad Marine, Vosper, MDI, HPS and KoopNautic equipment. For spare parts or service enquiries, email us at

Vosper Motion Control®

Naiad Dynamics is the successor of the legendary Vosper brand and continues to provide sales, support and engineering services for all Vosper Motion Control® products including fin stabilizers, thrusters, steering gear, water jets and more.