Naiad Dynamics Total Ride Control

Total Ride Control®

Naiad Dynamics began pioneering the science of Ride Control over 50 years ago with our revolutionary work with the US Navy and the fast ferry industry. Since then, we have introduced numerous groundbreaking advances in devices and controls to keep pace with the expanding diversity of hull forms emerging from the world’s Commercial and Military shipbuilders. Today, Naiad Dynamics Ride Control Systems are operating on most of the commercial fast ferries in the world, over 55 of the world’s Navies and Coast Guards, and Naiad Dynamics is now leading the way with Total Ride Control® solutions for high-speed and advanced hull form Luxury Yachts.

Naiad Dynamics Fin Stabilizer

Hydraulic stabilizers

The industry standard for superior performance, quality, reliability, long-term support and overall value. NAIAD® Hydraulic Stabilizers are the equipment of choice installed in thousands of vessels in demanding commercial and military ship applications as well as luxury yachts of all sizes. With more systems in service than any other brand, Naiad Dynamics product designs are a refined evolution earned from real-life experience, analysis, and constant development.

Models 162 thru 302
Models 320 thru 525
Models 575 thru 925
Models 1050 thru 1400

Naiad Dynamics Electric Fin Stabilizer

Electric stabilizers

Naiad Dynamics’ range of Electric Fin Stabilizers combine the proven reliability of the robust Naiad Dynamics fin actuator design, with the convenience of all-electric drive. Originally developed in 2008 for Naval applications, now adapted for luxury yachts. AC servo motors generate the equivalent torque of comparable hydraulic models.

Naiad Dynamics AtRest Stabilization


Naiad Dynamics, The recognized world leader in innovative ship motion control solutions, revolutionizes comfort aboard the modern yacht. After extensive study of the problem of zero forward speed roll damping, Naiad Dynamics became the world’s first to successfully adapt and apply stabilizer fins to significantly reduce the roll of an anchored vessel. This innovative solution to the expanding problem of at-anchor roll established an entirely new category in the field of roll stabilization.

Naiad Dynamics Bow and Stern Thrusters


In-Line Thrusters
Available in five sizes and seven power levels for bow and stern applications, the NAIAD® In-Line Hydraulic Thruster is an extraordinarily compact unit with high output relative to its tunnel diameter.

Right Angle Thrusters
Naiad Right Angle Thrusters are proven in demanding commercial, military and luxury yacht applications around the world. Either hydraulic motor or AC electric motor drive packages. Thruster gear sets available for both 50 and 60 Hertz applications.

Naiad Dynamics VosPower Waterjets


The Vospower Water Jet is a compact, lightweight and powerful propulsion system. A single jet can power a two-ton planing vessel, and suitable configurations are also available for displacement and semi-displacement hulls. Refined yet simple design makes the Water Jet easy to maintain in place or remove for overhauls. Durable materials and rugged construction ensures long-term reliability.

Naiad Dynamics Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic systems

A leader in turnkey hydraulic power systems to the marine industry for over 30 years. Our integrated systems and power packs supply hydraulic power to Naiad motion control systems and thrusters as well as capstans, windlasses, deck cranes and virtually any other hydraulically driven marine equipment.