Total Ride Control®

Naiad Dynamics began pioneering the science of Ride Control over 40 years ago with our revolutionary work with the US Navy and the fast ferry industry.

Naiad Dynamics T-Foils for Total Ride Control


An original Naiad Dynamics innovation, Active T-Foils are a reliable and effective ride control device, proven in hundreds of successful installations. Available with active flap, pivoting (with or without active flap) and fully retractable (with or without active flap) in a range of sizes to suit any application. Suitable for monohulls, catamarans and trimarans for primarily pitch and roll control.

Naiad Dynamics Trim Tabs for Total Ride Control

Trim Tabs

Active Trim Tabs are transom mounted flaps that create lift to continuously and automatically control roll and pitch motions while simultaneously optimizing running attitude. Suitable for a wide variety of applications and hull forms.

Naiad Dynamics Active Interceptor for Total Ride Control


Like Active Trim Tabs, Active Interceptors are transom mounted and create lift to control roll and pitch motions while simultaneously optimizing running attitude. Instead of a flap, the interceptor deploys a blade that is uniquely strike tolerant, requires less power and space, and simplifies installation.

Naiad Dynamics Air Cushion Total Ride Control

Air Cushion Control

Our development of Ride Control Systems for Surface Effect Ships (SES) began over 45 years ago with the USN. With precise control of SES air cushion vents and stern seal pressure, Naiad Dynamics Air Cushion Control systems reduce motions and enhance performance.

Naiad Dynamics Fins and Canards for Total Ride Control

Fins and Canards

Naiad Dynamics has supplied more Active Fins than any other brand. Commonly used for roll control underway (AtSpeed®) as well as at anchor (AtRest®), Naiad Dynamics has integrated fins and canards into many ride control applications for roll, pitch and yaw damping.

Naiad Dynamics Spanning Foils for Total Ride Control

Spanning / Lifting Foils

Active Spanning/Lifting Foils provide motion control and can also provide hydrodynamic lift for multi-hull vessels. The added lift reduces wake and wetted surface for higher speed, and the foils are continuously modulated for motion damping and optimal running attitude.

Naiad Dynamics Yaw Control

Yaw Control

Naiad Dynamics yaw control fins automatically counteract yaw motions (directional stability) and reduce course corrections and point-to-point times.

Naiad Dynamics Rudder Roll Control

Rudder Roll Control

Using the ship’s rudders as active motion control devices, the Naiad ride control system integrates with the autopilot control to reduce roll while maintaining course.