Naiad Dynamics Global Service Providers

Global Service Providers

Naiad Dynamics products and systems are supported worldwide by our seven sales and service centers and mobile fleet, and by our comprehensive network of Authorized Dealers. Located in key regions throughout the world, our team of service providers ensure fast response and complete customer satisfaction. For spare parts or service enquiries, email us at

Naiad Dynamics Technical Support

Factory tech-support

Naiad Dynamics customer service representatives are always there when you have questions, need system diagrams, or spare parts. ND maintains a state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing facility that enables us to quickly produce many replacement parts to original specifications and fully support products that have been in service for decades. Parts are usually in stock and ship within 24 hours. ND is the only source for genuine replacement parts for NAIAD, HPS, Vosper Stabilizers/Thrusters/Waterjets, MDI and Koopnautic equipment.

Naiad Dynamics Installation and Startup

Installation & start-up

We support all phases of system installation and startup with customized loads reports for proper hull reinforcement design and detailed drawings and procedures to guide installers in equipment, hydraulic and electrical system installation. We fully support integration of our system with ship alarm systems and Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS), and will conduct factory and harbor acceptance tests.

Naiad Dynamics Stabilizer Control Upgrades

Control System Conversions and Upgrades

ND has continually developed and refined our advanced control systems for everything from traditional fin roll control underway (AtSpeed®), to roll control at anchor (AtRest®), to innovative Total Ride Control® systems that dampen multiple motions simultaneously. We provide upgrade and conversion options for nearly all types of motion control systems – even those not produced by ND.