Military Vessels

Mission-critical operations demand the highest standards of motion control. It’s why Naiad Dynamics is trusted by more than 55 of the world’s navies

Coastal/Littoral Patrol

Naval and coast guard vessels designed to operate close to shore are shallow draft and more susceptible to motion than deep water vessels. In order to maximize their effectiveness, a motion control system is essential.

Offshore Patrol

Can be operated by Navy or Coast Guard. Motion control required for launch and recovery of smaller interceptor vessels. Also gives reduced fatigue to crew.


Motion control gives added crew comfort when in transit and during slow speed operations.

Frigates/ Destroyers

Naiad Dynamics stabilizers give warships an increased operational window to perform critical missions and training exercises with reduced crew fatigue.

Special Forces

Supplier to US and Royal Navy special forces vessels such as this 11m RHIB with a Naiad Dynamics interceptor ride control system.

Special Service Craft

Naiad Dynamics supplies naval transport vessels such as this 98m high-speed catamaran that greatly benefits from the roll and pitch damping. Naiad is the equipment of choice for advanced hull forms.

Surface Effect Ships

Naiad Dynamics developed a revolutionary ride control system for the US Navy’s SES program in the 1970’s. This system has most recently been fitted to the Norwegian Navy SES ships, which are the fastest armed naval vessels in the world.

Aircraft Carriers

For Japan’s largest naval vessel since WWII (243m) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries licensed and built Naiad Dynamics Stabilizers. Our proven line of Vosper Stabilizers™ is routinely specified by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.