Commercial Ships

When return on investment is the key driver for your enterprise, our advanced sector-leading ship motion control systems always deliver.

Ferries/Fast Ferries

Passenger comfort is imperative to the success of commercial ferries. Repeat ridership and onboard food/beverage and gaming revenue suffer tremendously when passengers become seasick. Naiad Dynamics is the world’s leading supplier of Total Ride Control® Systems that deliver maximum performance and revenue for ferries of all sizes, speeds and hull forms.


Crew Vessels

Off-shore enterprises such as oil/gas drilling and wind farming require safe and comfortable transportation for work crews. Naiad Dynamics is the equipment of choice for advanced hull forms often used for crew vessels.

Supply Vessels

Supply Vessel operators prioritize fuel efficiency and point-to-point speed while securely transporting crew & cargo. Naiad Dynamic’s Total Ride Control® system delivers on all aspects, and it’s why operators around the world depend on them daily.

Pilot Vessels

Transporting personnel between a pilot boat and another vessel can be dangerous, and unique vessels such as SWATH, SLICE and others are less susceptible to surface waves, making them safer. These vessels still require motion control underway, and ND is the leading innovator in ride control for advanced hull forms.